Boy, we have something extra special in store for you this week! We had fun in the kitchen last Friday making mini chocolate doughnuts in the Babycakes Mini Doughnut Maker, so much fun that we bought a second one for a lucky person to win! Whoo-hoo!

We are celebrating the re-launching of our blog AND the GRAND OPENING of THE BAKERS PARTY SUPPLY SHOP, our second online baking and party supply shop!  See below for all the details on how to enter! We have 2 great prizes to be won and ALL ORDERS in our new shop this week will get a FREE SURPRISE GIFT in with their order!


EASY TO USE AND FAST: The mini doughnut maker was super easy to use! We made the chocolate doughnut recipe from the little instruction-recipe book it comes with. We had to make a few substitutions since I forgot to buy buttermilk. Thankfully the recipe book told how to make some with milk and vinegar. The machine heated up quick and the mini doughnuts baked up really fast (about 4 minutes). Before long we had quite the pile of mini chocolate doughnuts and had to decide how we wanted to decorate them.

TIP FOR THE BATTER:  The recipe book suggested putting the batter in a plastic bag and then snipping off the end so you can easily squeeze the batter in the doughnut cavity on the machine. Well I must have squeezed a bit too hard because I popped a hole in the side of the bag. Shauna had a BRILLIANT idea of using one of our plastic disposable frosting bags since the plastic is a bit thicker and that worked GREAT! We are including a set of our frosting and now doughnut batter bags (lol) in with our grand prize! Scroll down to see how to enter and what fun things you have a chance to win!

Chocolate glaze on a chocolate doughnut...yum, yum!

Chocolate glaze on a chocolate doughnut…yum, yum!

SPRING ARE YOU EVER COMING?: Since we are really trying hard to think SPRING we wanted to showcase some of our fun pastel colored sprinkles on the doughnuts. For the glaze we used Wilton Chocolate Glaze that I had picked up for impromptu baking projects. It is always good to keep a few baking staples in your pantry! You could make one of the glazes listed in the recipe book or make your own. The Wilton chocolate glaze was easy to use and it was nice and thick so it didn’t run down the sides of the doughnuts. We heated it up in the container it came in (following the instructions, making sure not to overheat it) and then transferred some to a quart size freezer bag (or use one of our disposable frosting bags) where we snipped just a little of the tip off so we could apply some squiggles to the top of the doughnut. If the glaze is too hot it can drip so getting it warm enough but not too hot worked best. Decorate the doughnuts one at a time since you don’t want the glaze to set up before you get the pretty sprinkles you are using on them.

ANOTHER USE FOR AN EGG CUP: Egg cups work great to hold sprinkles too! If you are having a doughnut making party they are a fun way to display the toppings you will be using!

All dressed up!

All dressed up!

ALL DRESSED UP AND READY TO GO….GO WHERE YOU SAY?:  What goes better with doughnuts than a glass of milk….or a shot glass of milk since these are mini doughnuts!

When I see a good bargain on something I can use in a future project or photo shoot I grab it. I remembered some pretty shot glasses I had purchased (or had been given to me by my mother who tends to do the same thing) and was lucky enough to remember where I had stashed them. They have a pretty pop of color at the bottom of the glass and were nice wide, short shot glass, almost a mini rocks glass style. So where were the doughnuts going?…on top of the shot glass, of course! This made for a fun display and a cute way to serve them for a brunch, birthday party or snack. We cut down some of our spring polka dot paper straws and that just sealed the deal….mini spring doughnut cuteness!

SHOPPING LIST of the items we carry that were used in our project:
disposable frosting bags – to help get the dough in the maker a little more easily
mini pastel confetti dot quin sprinkles
pastel rainbow non pareil mix sprinkles
pastel mix baby sugar pearls
spring polka dots paper straws

RECIPE ALERT: Stay tuned! Later this week we will post a fun recipe for another style of mini doughnuts that we are working on!

Don’t forget to see the below details on how you can enter for a chance to win one of our great prizes!! Contest starts Monday 3/31/14!


We have been working very hard getting product listings added to our new shop. We are excited to announce that we are NOW OPEN! We have a great assortment of products available and will be adding more to the shop each week. Fun NEW products are coming soon (balloons, confetti and more)! We have a TON to get listed in our sale section too! Please stop by and shop all the baking and party goodness we have to offer!

REMEMBER: ALL ORDERS MADE IN OUR NEW SHOP, The Bakers Party Supply Shop, FROM 3/30/14 – 4/6/14 (midnight est) WILL GET A FREE SURPRISE GIFT IN YOUR ORDER! We’ve got some fun prizes packed up! Plus orders over $100 always ship for FREE!



Help spread the word on our fun little blog and new baking and party supply shop! We have some great prize packs you can enter for a chance to win!

One lucky winner will win our GRAND PRIZE which contains:
Babycakes mini doughnut maker
Pretty baking apron
2 oz jar of pastel non pareil sprinkles
2 oz jar of mini pastel dot quin sprinkles
2 oz jar of pastel mix baby sugar pearls
a set of 10 disposable frosting-doughnut batter plastic bags

2nd place wins this fun prize pack:
18 white tin tie treat bags with window
Lime bakers twine spool
18 assorted pin back buttons in a mix of hearts, stars and “Thank you”



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We hope you enjoy and good luck to all that enter!
~the girls

This promotion is open to those 18 years or older with a valid United States shipping address. Void where prohibited.

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