Supplies for our colorful & "fruity" project!

Supplies for our colorful & “fruity” project!

This week we thought we would have a little fun with rice crispy treats! We were inspired to spruce up the traditional recipe and came up with Fruity “Nerd-y” Rice Crispy Treats! We just added a few new ingredients for these colorful and flavorful snacks, including Rainbow Nerds candy!

To get started melt the butter over medium heat and add your marshmallows. We opted for mini marshmallows since they melt faster. If you are lucky enough to have a Hannaford Supermarket in your area, their mini marshmallows are simply the best after testing out nearly every brand we could get our hands on over the years! Once you have melted your marshmallows, here is where the fun starts to happen! We used the LorAnn Oils Super Strength Flavors to add a burst of fruity flavor! Add ½ to 1 full dram of the flavor of your choice to the melted marshmallow, we went with Orange Oil since we thought it would pair well with the dark chocolate we would be drizzling on them. BAKING TIP: the super strength flavors and oils pack a flavor punch that is 3x or 4x traditional alcohol-based extracts.

Next is the color! We made two batches using a nice bright yellow for one and electric blue for the other. We just love Americolor brand food coloring for the ease of use with the squeeze bottle and the wonderfully vibrant colors they create! When you are adding food coloring to the marshmallow, make sure to go about 1 or 2 shades brighter than you want since it will lighten a bit when you add the cereal. Once you get the flavor and color completely mixed to the marshmallow add the cereal and stir until it’s all coated. Press into a greased 8×8 or 9×9 inch square baking pan. For easy removal line the pan in tinfoil or parchment paper sprayed with vegetable oil so you can lift the treats out when cooled.

Color time! These are gonna be bright!

Color time! These are gonna be bright!

Once your treats have cooled, it is time to decide how you want to present them. We decided to cut half of the pan into rectangles (about 2”x3”) to make into rice crispy pops and the other half into 1.25” mini bites! If you are making pop, make sure to insert the lollipop or popsicle sticks before you start decorating. Place the pops and/or mini bites on a tray slightly spaced to begin the decorating process.


Now on to the chocolate! We find that Ghiradelli Melting Wafers or Candiquik work great for chocolate drizzle and the best part is you do not need to know how to temper them! To melt this type of chocolate place it in a heavy-duty 1 quart freezer bag. Chop the chocolate into small pieces if you are using Candiquick. (PERSONAL CAUTIONARY TALE: Do NOT use regular sandwich bags, they explode EVERY TIME when you go to drizzle, trust us!) This is the easiest method of melting chocolate for drizzling that will leave very little clean-up. Microwave in 20-30 second increments until the chocolate is just melted. Make sure not to overheat the chocolate by taking it out of the microwave after each increment and squishing it around to smooth out any chunks and hot spots.

When the chocolate is completely melted, snip the tip of one corner and you are ready to decorate! We typically drizzle the chocolate on a few treats at a time, and then sprinkle on the Nerds. This prevents the chocolate from hardening before you have the chance to decorate them. We picked up a few boxes of Rainbow Nerds to use, then discovered there was no red and hardly any blue. We of course remedied this by buying more individual boxes of nerds (you know the fun single packs and the dual flavor packs) to get all of the rainbow colors!


After the treats are decorated and chocolate has cooled store them in an airtight container until you are ready to serve. For party favors you can fill our tin tie bags with the mini bites. You can also place a flat wooden popsicle stick in them for rice crispy pops! To make the pops air tight, place them in a clear cello bag and close with a twist tie or bakers twine! With all the color and flavor possibilities these are just the perfect treats for any party!

How fun are these!

How fun are these!

Fruity “Nerdy” Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

4 tablespoons unsalted butter (1/2 stick)
1- 10.5oz bag of mini marshmallows
6 cups rice crispy cereal
1 dram of LorAnn Oils Super Strength Flavors (flavor of your choice)
Americolor Food Coloring of your choice
3-4 oz of chocolate candy coating (Ghiradelli Melting Wafers or Candiquik)
1/2 -3/4 cup Nerds Candy
flat wooden ice cream sticks
tin tie treat bags

Place the butter in a large pan and melt over medium heat. Once the butter is completely melted add your marshmallows. Stir until the marshmallows are smooth and melted, then remove from heat. Add ½ – 1 dram of LorAnn Oils flavor and a few squirts of food coloring to the marshmallow mixture. Once you reach the desired color add the cereal.
Mix until all the cereal is coated, then press into a greased 8×8 or 9×9 inch pan. Cool completely before cutting into desired size & shape. Decorate the treats with the melted chocolate and Nerds Candy. Store in an airtight container until you are ready to serve. This recipe makes one 8×8 or 9×9 pan so if you want more than one color you may need to make another batch.

We hope you enjoy!!
~the girls