MINI “FRECKLED” CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS: How darling are these beautiful chocolate Easter eggs with sprinkles made by Peacock Chocolates, a small artisan business making beautiful chocolates & confectionery items in Australia. Lisa, the passionate chocolatier behind Peacock Chocolates uses top quality ingredients, using the best French couverture chocolates from Valrhona and boutique manufacturer Michel Cluizel. Many of her chocolates are decorated with iridescent powders, gold leaf and our pretty colored tiny non pareil sprinkles are featured on her Easter Eggs (aka as “freckles” in Australia)! They were so popular this year that she will be adding them to her chocolate line as a standard offering creating little chocolate balls.


We love to hear about small business that are “living their passion”, creating beautiful and often delicious products and confections. Lisa says, “I discovered a natural ability for chocolate making and not just ability but a pure and all consuming enjoyment for the art of a chocolatier.” Now that is someone living her passion! When you can do what you are passionate about you are bound to create some wonderful things. Her chocolates look divine…I wish I had a few of these to enjoy! It was fun to see what she made with our colorful non pareils. Did you notice the colors of them go with her business name, clever!  Stop by Peacock Chocolates to take a peak at the divine chocolates they offer.

Thanks to Lisa for sharing her “freckled eggs”. We can’t wait to see what your great business comes up with next!

Enjoy and Happy Easter everyone!

~the girls

post written by Esther, photo is copyright of Peacock Chococlates