Doesn't this look like it's going to be fun!

Doesn’t this look like it’s going to be fun!

We’ve gone “cone” crazy! This is the first in a series of fun “cone” projects that we will post over the next few months. As spring approaches here in the northeast we dream of lighter spring colors as we still have a snow covered ground. We spotted some cotton candy in the Easter candy section of the grocery store. A sign that spring is really coming even if it doesn’t look like it yet and we knew we could do something fun with it!

Time to get dippin'

Time to get dippin’

This is an easy project to do for birthday party favors or to tuck into Easter baskets. We used store bought sugar cones, white candy melts, our pastel non pareils, candy to stick down in the cone and cotton candy to make into a “scoop of ice cream”. I was excited to see the “cotton tails” cotton candy but the photo on the bag was misleading implying you would get small cotton candy balls in different colors but that was not the case. What you did get in the bag were a few mounds of pastel mixed colors of cotton candy that you can see in the tray in the first photo. It was still pretty and we were able to make it work for our project.

Pretty pastel non pareils look great on the edge of the cone!

Pretty pastel non pareils look great on the edge of the cone!

Step 1: After you gather all of your supplies the first step is to melt some of the white chocolate candy coating (per directions on the package). Dip the top of the cone in the melted candy coating. Shake off any excess before you dip in the sprinkles of your choice. We used our pretty pastel non pareil sprinkles since we wanted soft spring colors to go with the colors of the cotton candy. Place the dipped cones on some parchment paper or aluminum foil and let set until the chocolate coating hardens (about 10 minutes).

Tuck some little candies inside for an extra surprise!

Tuck some little candies inside for an extra surprise!

Step 2: Once the cones are completely set and the chocolate has hardened you can fill the cones with a few small candies so there is an extra surprise inside the cone. Who doesn’t like a surprise! We used malted egg candies and Cadbury mini chocolate eggs.

Multi colored cotton candy!

Multi colored cotton candy!

Step 3: Cotton candy time! You can lightly squish the cotton candy onto a small mound so it looks like and ice cream scoop that you place on the top of the cone. Different brands of cotton candy will have different looks. To secure the cotton candy to the cone you can brush some of the melted candy coating on the inside edge of the cone before you add the mound of cotton candy to it. To keep the cotton candy from falling off the cone while it sets up place the cone with the cotton candy on it in a glass while it dries.

It's starting to look like spring!

It’s starting to look like spring!

They are starting to come together! The multi colored cotton candy reminded me of rainbow vanilla ice cream I use to get when I was little. Rainbow vanilla was always my favorite since the colors were so pretty! The pink cotton candy from the tubs was a little more fluffy and we were able to shape it into more of the look of a scoop of ice cream. We were happy with the results of both styles of the cotton candy.

Don't they look SWEET! The cone bags help keep everything together!

Don’t they look SWEET! The cone bags help keep everything together!

Step 4: Place the cones in clear cone bags and tie shut with a twist tie or pretty ribbon. This will make them easy to pass out at a birthday party or for you to tuck into an Easter basket! Wouldn’t these make cute party favors for an ice cream party!